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Make Money On Youtube Made Easy [2019 Edition]

How To Make A Ton Of Money On Youtube WITHOUT Creating Your Own Videos


Over the course of 2017 I was able to make over $60,000 in profit on Youtube and I was actually only posting videos for four months of 2017 (January, February, March, and November). This year I used this same tactic to make $37,000 in ONE MONTH, May 2018, and $42,719 in ONE MONTH, June 2018. I was doing this by posting videos I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE! This is done using videos with a special license that do not have copyright licenses, so it is 100% legal and not breaking any Youtube policies.
It is literally as easy as downloading a video, reposting it, using effective tags, titles, thumbnails, good SEO strategies, and putting ads on it. It consistently makes me anywhere between $500 – $2000 a day and it only takes me half an hour of work a day! This still works today, even with the new monetization review process. This is by far the easiest way I have ever found to make a substantial amount of money online, and the best part is you do not need to spend A PENNY to accomplish this, so everything you make is pure profit!
Here is a screenshot of my Google Analytics account for 2017 and a screenshot of my bank account with the Google deposits. These payments were direct deposited into my bank account (January – $1,332, February – $25,970, March – $15,835, April – $1,516, November – $18,560):

Here is a screenshot of my 2016 1099 Miscellaneous Income tax document:
And here is my screenshot from May 2018 (payment comes the following week of the new month):
And here is my screenshot from June 2018 (payment comes the following week of the new month):
In this unique course I will take you step-by-step using the EXACT blueprint and secrets I used to generate this income on Youtube. I will teach you the essential secret tricks I have used to get over $100,000 on Youtube using videos that YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE! You don't have to have a camera, a microphone, or make your own videos. There is no other course like this and you will not find this information anywhere else.
I will serve as your over-the-shoulder guide through the entire process and give you secrets such as how to choose a successful niche, how to download, upload, and monetize videos LEGALLY that do not have copyright licenses, secret tips to increase views and watch time, how to create unlimited youtube channels using unlimited phone numbers, how to gain additional views and subscribers easily, how to avoid getting your channel deleted or getting copyright strikes, how to get rid of copyright strikes, how to get past the youtube demonitization bots, how to get past the monetization review process quickly and easily, how to get your videos ranking on the search results, how to effectively use SEO strategies, and a secret trick to making more money on youtube than ANYONE else is able to generate doing one simple secret that will increase your revenue times 10. This will also work in ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, so no matter where you live you can make money on Youtube.
I will also teach you a VERY EASY way you can get to the monetization review process and pass within a week with just ONE video! This means you will be able to have a monetized channel to start making money within just a couple weeks, with barely any work involved!
As an added bonus, which will be WORTH THE PRICE of the course on it's own, you will be given access to a special facebook group that is dedicated to students helping each other grow each other's youtube channels through giving free subscribes, likes, comment, views, and watch time to other student's channels. This means your channel will grow EXTREMELY FAST and you will reach the monetization review process in no time, because you will be given free subscribes, views, likes, and comments on your channel by other students! This is ONLY available to students who have purchased the course.
You will also be given access to a special mastermind group I have created where I will answer any questions you have. In addition, all members will have the ability to discuss questions and give feedback and tips to each other. You will also have the ability to leave comments and questions right there on any lecture you want and I will be able to respond and help you through it right there on the course in real time!
If you apply my blueprint and secrets you will be able to make your investment on this course back in ONE DAY and be consistently making much more than that on a daily basis. You will receive IMMEDIATE access to the course as soon as you checkout!
Student Success Stories

(full screenshot from above)

(full screenshot from above)

(full screenshot from above)

(full screenshot from above)

(full screenshot from above)
(full screenshot from above)
These are just a few of the many students who have seen success so far in my course. This could easily be you right now, let me help you get there because I truly want to see you make this kind of money, quit your job and live life on your terms!
100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!
100% full money back guarantee. Valid within 24 hours ONLY, no exceptions! To be eligible for this guarantee you must NOT have watched more than 10% of the content. It does not matter if you push “complete” on the lesson or not, we have a chart that shows us how much of each video you have watched so we will know exactly how much you have watched. NO exceptions!
(Disclaimer: The results shown here may not be accurate and have not been verified and are for example purposes. We are in no way giving a guarantee that these results are typical or that you will get these results. These are results that are possible if you put in the work. By purchasing this course you are agreeing to the refund policy and agreeing that I am not held liable in any way for what you do on Youtube, taxes, legally or otherwise, and I am not held liable in any way for any success you do or do not have with this program. All facts and figures shown or stated here or anywhere else are for example purposes and have not been verified.)


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