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What Is Ecom Turbo

Ecom Turbo is a theme that can be uploaded to your shopify store that enables you to customize all aspects of the design of your new site with ease.

Text colors, header colors, Installing your logo, currency converter and countless other features that not many other themes can match.

Main Features

The main features of this theme that improves conversions. If I was to talk about all of the goodies I would be here for days.

It has a built in timer aimed at scarcity. You know the one that lets your customers know that a product will be off the market or sold out within a certain time. Check it out.

Looks pretty cool yeah. A feature such as this is very important to ask your visitors to make a decision now, not later or risk the chance of missing out.

An app like this one will cost you $10 per month if purchased through the shopify app store. Sure it doesn’t sound much but in 10 that is a whopping $100 and I bet that it wouldn’t look as appealing as this one that comes ready built with the theme.

Another main feature that will improve extra revenue from your visitor is the built in upsell. You know when a customer buys a product he is asked if he or she would also like to a related item.

Just like when Mcdonalds asks you if you would like to have fries with that.

Did you know that the fast food chain build its main profits from the asking and selling of the fries. I know, I love em too.

So dont ever underestimate the up sell and how it will skyrocket you margins. Successful businesses are built with them.


Looks great right! Once again this kind of app will cost you around $15 – $30 a month. Lets say around $200 in 10 months. Getting quite expensive already.

One other feature that I want to share with you is the in my opinion the most important one is the urgency sales ticker.

The one that you might have seen before on eCommerce sites that lets the visitor know that someone has just purchased a product that eases the prospective customer know that, hey this store has customers and if they have purchased something then I would have no problem in buying something from here as well.

Basically it builds up trust with your audience.


This guy has thought of everything that you will need on the site that you will never need to worry about buying anything. It is your one stop shop that basically, destroys anything else on the market.

While other themes concentrates on looking good, ecom turbo does this but more importantly focuses on converting visitors into paying customers.

Pros Of Purchasing Ecom Turbo

Well where do I start. For me what stands out from the rest is the themes ready made plugins as mentioned above. If purchased through the online shopify store can total up to $60 a month.

Lets put a round figure on it and say in 10 months it will cost you $600, OUCH!

Add on top of this the monthly fee of using the shopify platform and you in for a hefty monthly bill.

A one off fee of purchasing this theme and you can keep that $600 in your pocket to put towards ads for instance.

The theme is unique and no other one I have found and I have used a few, that comes even close to ecom turbo and I hope my reviews on it has helped to explain it.

Its main function is to push visitors to actually buy with its cool built in apps and customized pages with upsells and trust badge images my own conversion have gone up around 30%

That would have been lost revenue if I were using my old, now discarded themes.


The only issue that I had with the theme was when I was trying to install my logo on the site it wouldn’t accept the design in the dimensions that I wanted.

I spoke to Frank and they made the adjustments necessary in the coding of the theme.

Help is always at hand in the dedicated Facebook group so you can talk to fellow users and the people at ecom turbo are always updating to keep up with latest trends.


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